Critical medicine

The department of Anesthesiology and Critical medicine is completed by the medpersonal experienced and educated in different fields.  most of the doctors have worked in leader clinics of the world. 


Work of the department is based on teamwork.Treatment follows the guidelines and protocols of the modern medical methodology.  Our priorities are the safety of the patient and high quality of treatment. We have a continuous educational and training programmes. Average medpersonal is actively involved in medical and educational processes. 

Department is equipped by the leader brands of modern technology:

  • Anesthetic machines

  • ICU Fans

  • Multifunctional monitors

  • various vital functions’ substitutional therapy systems

  • diagnostic, healing and patient carrier equipment 


 Co-working and Consulting is done with the European colleagues, that are also involved in evaluating and controlling extraordinary and hard clinic accidents. 

There are no age restrictions for the treatment.

German Hospital